Pier Paolo Pasolini. A portrait of Rocco Lancia

Pasolini Paradise
Pasolini Paradise

It was Nov. 2, 1975, when Pier Paolo Pasolini was found lifeless on the shoreline of Ostia, province of Rome. The mystery surrounding his death, the dynamics behind it, are known to most from the media’s account of it over the years.

Much is known about his death, but still not everything. The mystery that partly shrouds her has not dimmed the creative genius of a timeless, ever relevant, prestigious and perhaps brilliant artist. His intensity, in his poems, in his writings, in his cinema, is perhaps the first and most important characteristic of an author who has been able over the years to situate himself perfectly in a context in which his own art has emerged powerfully as new, strongly innovative, avant-garde.

The same intensity shines through and can be glimpsed in the way Pasolini himself is remembered and represented. There is always in the photos of him, a mixture of melancholy and depth of thought. A veil of sadness or perhaps a moment of sharp and deep reflection.

It is so in the stories and articles about him, in the testimonies and films that depict him, tell about him, try to make him known to most.

And all this comes back powerfully in Rocco Lancia’s portrait of Pasolini . His is a portrait that plays on what is seen and glimpsed. The attention of the beholder is enraptured by an extremely intense, deep, empathetic gaze.

This is the expressive intensity glimpsed at the portrait made by Rocco Lancia. The portrait is part of the New Myth collection with which Rocco Lancia depicts faces that have become iconic or mythological for reasons that differ from each other. A true roundup of strongly representative characters in the public imagination: loved, hated, but always the object of public attention.

A rare pearl, available among the paintings to buy online from his store, but above all a jewel to be carefully preserved and protected like all the work and poetry of a genius like Pier Paolo Pasolini.

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